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ZoomDog Easy Dog Tablets

ZoomDog Easy Dog Tablets

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Sporting Dog Supplements. Safe for any size dog.  

Chewable tablets to relax your dog during travel, training, thunderstorms and stressful situations. Pork liver flavoring.

A safe and natural supplement intended to relax, not sedate, and control nervous behavior. Sporting and hunting dogs are high energy and undergo rigorous training, extensive travel and exposure to harsh weather conditions. They may require special nutrients that support the nervous system. Easy Dog™ contains L-tryptophan, hops, ginger, chamomile, B vitamins and other natural soothing nutrients. L-tryptophan is the amino acid found in turkey and warm milk. Easy Dog can be used on a daily basis or on an occasional basis for specific situations, such as travel sickness, storm phobia or increased focus during training.

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